Guest Book for Donna R. Hannah

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Posted by: Doty Wagner
Thu August 20, 2020
A Flowering Ivy Vine

Once a flowering ivy vine
Grew along a garden fence.
It traveled, first, upon the ground,
Then proceeded upward hence,
Spreading it graceful flowers
Through the tallness of a tree.
...And there it sought the Sun it saw
Shining intermittently.
Inch by inch it flourished
"Til it nearly reached the top;
The ivy paused then to consider
...To go on or just to stop.
No choice seemed quite befitting,
So it curled 'round a branch,
There it came to a leafless opening
Where the Sun shone down and danced.
The ivy could, no longer,
Deny its want to see
Just what was calling to it
From the summit of that tree.
Upward it crept, with sudden strength
'Til the tree was nothing more
And there...
Found a Glowing Radiance
As it had never seen before.
The ivy paused, and glancing back,
Left its petals there,
Stretched out its tender, leafy arms
Embraced the Heavens fair.
                                                  -wrtten by Doty Wagner Aug 11, 2012

Posted by: Brenda Haight
Thu August 20, 2020
Flash my heart 💔 is broken I am so sorry for your loss I have such fond memories working with Donna I will keep her in my memories forever !

Posted by: Pamela R Edwards
Thu August 20, 2020
I would like to send my condolences to family and friends.